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With over 25+ years in the container industry Denco Container has the knowledge and services to help you with your purchase of a shipping container. 

We handle every aspect of the purchase from start to delivery.  In some locations you can come check out the container before you purchase. We are family owned who cares about your needs & with yards and containers nationwide chances are we have what you are l00king for.

20' Containers


If you’re pressed for space, a 20-foot container may be just the right fit and can be delivered on a straight truck

Reliability – 20-foot shipping containers are designed for the harsh conditions of ocean travel, which means they’re durable and will keep your goods dry and out of the elements.

Strength – Shipping containers are stronger than an aluminum shed.

Accessibility – Shipping containers come with large swing doors for easy accessibility.

Spacious – 20-foot containers can meet most of your needs while still providing 1164 cubic feet of storage.

40' Containers


With the space of a 40' container, you can store all the toys you just don't want to give up

Farming- Great for storing Hay, Feed and Agricultural supplies on the farm

Repurpose- Downsize into a TINY HOME

Storage - Recreational equipment, Christmas decorations or a Tool shed*

Spacious - Maximum space, maximum value. 40’ and 45’ containers are ideal.

*Protection for your tools and building materials at your construction site.


40'hc1trip grey doors.jpg
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