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Custom Container Modifications

There are no limits when it comes to storage/cargo container modifications. We are more than happy to assist you with customizing your container. 

Lets bring your vision to life.

 Have a question, give us a call 866-573-3626. 

Or fill out our quote form and we'll email you a custom quote

Tilt Bed  Delivery


The 40' Tilt-Bed truck & trailer can deliver containers up to 45’ long or a combination of 2 x 20’ containers.  It is 75'L & needs 150' of straight away to unload and pull away from the container before the driver can turn the trailer. 

The the smallest truck can delivery 1x20' per load  and has the tightest turning radius. It is suited for inner-city deliveries, mountain roads, and limited access sites.

This truck is backed up to where you want the container placed; the bed is titled and the container is rolled off the back of the truck into position. This truck requires at least 50-feet of straight line clearance to safely complete this delivery. When placing your order, we will ask whether you want the container loaded with the doors facing the cab or the rear of the truck as this determines the final door placement at the site after delivery.

If you have any concerns regarding delivery to the site or  route to the site. We will be happy to preview the route before delivery. 

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What to expect upon Delivery

Before Delivery

Walk the site, make sure where you want the container set is level.  The more level the ground, the better the doors work.  Remove any debris, cars, or materials that would prevent the driver from making the delivery.
If need be, put up cones to prevent cars from parking in the delivery area.
This will ensure the driver can make the delivery without any wait time.

Day of Delivery

The driver will give you a call when he's at the yard loading with ETA.

He will also confirm how you want the doors of the container loaded onto the trailer

Once the driver arrives, he'll do the rest.

Space needed for delivery

Delivery of a 40' container requires 130' of straight away, 25' of height, & 11' of width for the driver to unload and pull away from the container safely.

The 20' containers are delivered on a straight truck and only require 55' of straight away to unload


Service Areas


We service Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Utah, Texas, & the Jacksonville Florida area.
If you are outside those areas don't hesitate to ask about delivery.  We have contacts that like those long runs

Flat Bed Delivery

  Our extensive Logistics network allows us to deliver anywhere in the Country via Flatbed.  A forklift or Crane service is all you need.

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