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Denco Container has strong secure relationships with container leasing companies throughout the world. With a newer & younger rental fleet of standard ISO containers you can feel confident that your items will be secure. We primarily use 20' and 40' containers to fulfill rental needs.


Perfect for tight spaces downtown, between buildings, or jobs that require a minimal amount of equipment. Easy to move when you're ready to start your next project.


Perfect for jobs that have a lot of space, or projects that require you to have all your equipment onsite. Also ideal for seasonal items that are not ready to go out on the retail floor.

                     LEASE  INFORMATION

True calendar month billing on rentals, no surprises. No billing cycles that split up months, making your budgeting and accounting easy and unambiguous.

To end the lease, simply call and schedule a pick up time. We will make every effort to get your unit picked up promptly however it may take up to 10 working days for unit to be removed. 

Advance notice is a must to insure the best service.

You'll need a level site a minimum of 15' wide x 50' long for a 20' delivery, and 15' wide by 130' long for a 40' delivery. 

The delivery location should be level and dry. Concrete pads or railroad ties are not required.

Denco Container will not deliver behind locked gates or in areas where its drivers are concerned about safety or property damage. 

A customer service representative will ask you if we should load the container with the doors facing the cab or the rear of the truck. 

Think of the uses:

  • Seasonal inventory

  • Office furniture

  • Recreational equipment

  • Agricultural supplies

  • Construction site tools and materials

  • Rapid or unexpected growth

  • Any sudden or unplanned storage requirement

  • Mini Storage

  • Office Containers - Perfect for job site office and storage

Compare the advantages:

  • Rapid availability

  • Theft resistance

  • Wind and water tight protection

  • Easy ground level access

  • Mobility provides user flexibility

  • Competitive rates

  • No capital investment

  • Monthly and long term agreements provide maximum flexibility

  • Double door containers are available for easy access to stored items

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