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Glass Buildings

We offer additional job site services to make your planning easier

Vintage Wood Clocks

Save time and let our team help you provide many of the services you need onsite to run your project.


container parts

Lock Box * Pad Locks * Vents & More

Need to replace an old part or add something to your container.  We can get that ordered for you.  


Hassle-Free Rentals

Special Events * Construction Job sites * Residential

Whether you require a temporary sanitation facility for a single event or several months at a time, Denco Container  will arrange for our partner company to provide waste disposal and professional toilet maintenance. Long-term contracts include regular waste removal, toilet sanitation, winterization, and restocking of amenities.

gpr pic.jpg

Why use gpr

Time Efficient *Zero Radiation * Non-Destructive

GPR allows you to quickly locate items without long wait times or costing you job delays. Scans are available within minutes to help you keep moving on the job.  It also can scan areas that larger equipment simply cannot do. 


Ground Penetrating Radar does not use radiation which offers a safe alternative for your workers.  This means less downtime from your jobsite.  


GPR offers a non-destructive option to locating items within materials.  You will not need to rip up or damage any existing structures with this technology!



Efficient * Timely * Knowledgeable Technicians

Whether drilling by hand, using a stand, or operating one of our largest hydraulic drills, we can handle concrete core drilling projects of any type and deliver excellent workmanship.

We provide all types of concrete sawing services, including slab sawing 

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